Beach Buggy Racing MOD APK 2023.09.06 Unlimited Money, Menu

Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK
4.4 (9478)


Android 5.0+




November 10, 2023

Additional Information

  • Category
  • Developer

Vector Unit

  • Downloads

100,000,000 +

  • Released

Sept 16, 2014

  • Size

82 MB

  • Google Play
Bb racing mod apk Play Store
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked Everything
  • Unlimited Power-ups
  • All Cars Unlocked
  • Unlocked Rhino Car
  • Split Screen

Introduction To BB Racing Mod APK

Whenever you are looking for a mod version, we know you want some premium features to enjoy that you can’t use in the original version. In this latest version of the Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK, you will get access to all the items and you can use all premium elements free of cost.

These features include unlimited money, gems, diamonds, and tickets, which you will use to unlock all the cars. You can use the above things to unlock characters or drivers for driving and tickets that are required as an entry fee to play the next series and episode.

BB racing Mod Apk all missions unlocked

In addition, In this mod version of beach buggy, you will not be interrupted by ads when you are playing this game. Moreover, you can also play CarX Street without any ads by downloading the from here. You don’t have to pay any price for this version of BB Racing Mod APK because it’s free of cost. The file size of this game is only 82 MB, so you don’t have to worry about storage on your device.

About Beach Buggy Racing

BB stands for Beach Buggy racing game. This game has grabbed the attention of millions of players worldwide because of its uniqueness. Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK is a surprising game that takes you to another world with its realistic tracks and 3D graphics. If you think these tracks are very simple, like other racing games, which only bring boredom while playing the game, then you are wrong.

This game is enthusiastic because these tracks are full of hurdles that give you a tough time while competing against your enemies. In these tracks, you can use 27 different power-ups located randomly on your tracks to beat your enemies. 

This game has many features, like adjusting your controls according to your wish. You can change the appearance of cars with given colors and amazing stickers. You can upgrade your cars to the maximum level. Furthermore, with the availability of different characters, you can also change your driver, which gives you more advantage in racing and winning the laps.

Beach Buggy Racing Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Adventurous and Exciting Racing Tracks

The Vector Unit creates this game. They always think about players. That’s why they provided fifteen adventurous tracks to kill their boredom. When you choose the track and start the race, you can’t take your eyes off because of the amazing scenes on the tracks, like giant dinosaurs, birds, temples, and fire in your tracks. If you like more adventure to drive your vehicles on more challenging tracks, download Fr Legends because all the tracks are very tough.

The routes of the tracks are very difficult, so you have to be even more careful while controlling your car because your slightest mistake can allow other players to win. In addition, there are lots of short passages and secret locations in these tracks, which you will explore over time. These tracks are given below:

  • Shark Harbor 
  • Crab Cove
  • Dino Jungle
  • Fiesta Village
  • Spooky Shores
  • Tiki Temple
  • Mushroom Grotto
  • Paradise Beach
  • Glacier Gulch
  • Misty Marsh
  • Aquarius
  • Fire & Ice
  • Red Planet
  • Blizzard Vale
  • Death Bat Alley

Original vs Mod Comparison

Shortage of  MoneyUnlimited Money
Limited TicketsUnlimited Tickets
Limited CoinsInfinite Coins
All Power-ups are LockedUnlocked all Power-ups
Few Drivers are UnlockedAll Drivers are Unlocked
Limited GemsInfinite Gems
Disturbing AdsNo ads


  • Most players in the world have internet issues while playing a different game. This game will allow you to play it offline.
  • You can use the game’s premium features in the BB Racing Mod APK.
  • With less battery consumption, you don’t have to worry about your battery life.
  • Drive cars in your favorite locations.

Gameplay of BB Racing Mod APK

As discussed above, this is a 3D graphic game that gives players a realistic experience and attracts them to play it. The gameplay is very simple, with many elements such as characters, cars, and power-ups. You’ll use it while playing this game, which helps you to win the first position in the race.

This game has different modes like quick race, championship, and Career, and every mode has its speciality. You can choose your favorite car and character and start your race with the desired mode. But to unlock the championship and quick race, you must first play the carrier mode and defeat the boss. 

How to play the game on PC?

Many users want to play the game on the big screen and if you’re one of these, follow these steps and enjoy the game on pc or big screen.

  • First, you need emulator software to play the game.
  • Go to Bluestacks official website to download this.
  • Install the software on your system.
  • Open this, click on the search bar, and find your game.
  • After finding the game, install it and enjoy it.

Key Features

Kart Racing Action

In this game, in all modes, you have to play with 100% effort. You’ll use different skills and powers to remove the hurdles on the tracks which give you a hard time. So you can’t sit freely, and you must focus on the race because other players like you will also use the same power-ups and driver skills to defeat you.


You can control your car in a race just by tilting your device. You can change these controls in the settings section or by tapping on the top right corner button during the race. After changing the controls, you can continue the race where you have stopped. Three layouts of controls are given in the game Tilt, Touch A, and Touch B. You can choose which is best for you.

Interesting Playing Modes

All these modes are very interesting and thrilling. Every mode has a different concept and you can play any game mode. If you like multi-mode games, check out Hill Climb Racing 2 and enjoy various modes.

Carrier Play Mode

In Carrier mode, you’ll choose the series to play. After completing every level in these series, you’ll earn stars, gold, and a diamond if you end your race in the top 3 positions. These stars will help you to unlock the next level, and at the end, you will compete with the boss to play the next episode or series.

There are 8 race series in the career play that will open after you complete the previous one. Every series has different stages and levels and various conditions for upgrading cars while playing this race series. In the first two chapters, you can use an engine of only 100HP, and in the next two series, you will use a 250HP engine. In the last two series, you can use a maximum Horse of Power 1000HP to defeat your enemies.

Quick Race Mode

Quick race mode will be unlocked when you defeat the boss in the carrier play series. You must choose your engine class, such as 100HP to 1000HP. The higher HP will be more challenging and faster, so you should choose the class wisely that will be helpful for you to win the race.

After selecting the Engine Class, they will ask you to choose your track to initiate the race. There are 15 tracks in this mode, but as we said above, you must discover them by playing career and championship races to select your favorite track.

Championship Mode

Championship mode is where you have to show your skills to other players with 9 different cars. In every championship, you will get different cars, and there are four stages in every championship, with their Engine Class starting from 100 HP to 1000 HP.  

After that, You’ll choose your driver to win the race because every driver has different power, which helps you make the race difficult for your opponents. You must have won the previous championship to enter the next stage or championship race.

Beach Buggy racing championship mode

Split Screen and Multiplayer Mode

In addition, you can play this game with other racers and your best buddies by connecting it to your TV. You’ll need a controller when you are playing this mode. You can play with 3 other players in this mode.

Daily Challenges

If you want more money and an extra reward for your game, you can get it by playing daily challenges. These daily challenges are available just above the career race when you open Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK.


The Power-ups are the most important feature in this game on the racing tracks while competing with other players. These power-ups are located on your tracks, which look like question marks In the pink bubbles circle. Using these power-ups, you can use different powers to make the racing track tough for other players, like Ball and chain. Using this ball chain, you can pin a giant ball with the chain to another’s car and immediately slow its speed.

There are 27 types of Power-ups, such as Fireworks, Hydra, Big tires, Death bats, and many more. All these Power-ups you can use against other players in the race, and other players can also use the same power-ups to conquer you. So it would help if you always played the game with great attention to avoid these hurdles, which can lead you to lose the race.

Switch Drivers for Race

Switch drivers are also a key part of your race because every driver has different powers and skills. You must use wisely during your race to distract the other players and boost your speed to gain the top position. You can unlock all drivers from the switch driver option.

Switch Your Cars and Upgrade Them to Get the Better Result

In Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK, you will see different types of cars that will help you conquer the race. All these cars make your game more interesting and exciting, such as Grim Road, Lumbini, Dune Jumper, Beach Buggy, Rally Pro Lightning Lunar Rover, and Rock Stomper are the cars available in the switch car store. If you find a similar game like this with bike customization options, download the Traffic Rider and upgrade your bikes.

You can unlock your car from the switch car feature with money. After that, you can upgrade them from the other upgrade element. Upgrade your cars sensibly to have an advantage over other players to defeat them. You can also paint your car from the downright corner of your screen during the upgrade. It would be best if you had lots of money for your cars to upgrade them, so spend your money carefully.


Graphics are the first thing that attracts the player’s attention and forces them to play the game. So the 3D graphics of the beach buggy are outstanding and will take you to the real world. Furthermore, the special effects and beautiful scenery like beaches, rain, animals in the forest, and water in the middle of tracks make you feel that you are driving in real life.

Mod Features

Unlimited Money for Free Shopping

You have unlimited Money in the latest modded version of BB that you can use to enjoy the game’s premium features. Furthermore, you can also test Parking Master Multiplayer with unlimited money and if you want to download this game please move to the given link and download it.

Unlimited Gems and Diamonds

This version will give you unlimited gems and diamonds to help unlock power-ups and drivers.

Infinite Tickets

You have to use Green tickets to play all the races in a beach buggy, and you’ll get unlimited tickets in the Beach Buggy Mod APK.

All Levels Unlocked

All levels are unlocked in Beach Buggy Racing and you can enjoy multiple locations. All the stages are designed beautifully and you’ll feel realistic.

Unlocked All Drivers

There are many drivers in this game. You can choose whatever you want because all drivers are unlocked.

Unlocked All Power Ups

All power-ups are unlocked because you have unlimited gems that will be used to unlock power-ups.

BB racing mod apk unlimited cars

Blocked All Ads

It is good news for all the players who hate to see ads between the games because all ads are blocked in BB.

Unlocked All Cars

You’ll see all the cars are unlocked in this game and if not, you can unlock them with Money.

Beach Buggy Racing Mod Menu

In the Beach Buggy Racing Mod Menu, you’ll get many additional features and all these are very rare items. You can use any element to turn on the options from the menu.

What’s new in the app?

  • A new fast Grand Prix formula car is added.
  • You’ll see a powerful Rhino super truck in this latest version.
  • The game stability is improved now.
  • Adjusted prices on powerups.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • This game is equally entraining for all ages of players.
  • You will never get bored while playing this game due to its unique racing tracks and amazing graphics.
  • You will enjoy all the features because you have unlimited resources in this mod version.
  • You can save your progress by linking your game to your social accounts or by signing up.
  • Free to Download Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK.
  • Regular Updates of new versions.
  • Cons
  • Sometimes, the game stuck on the screen.
  • The sign-up section needs to be fixed.

App Requirements

  • You must have free storage of 87 MB on your device to download this file.
  • OS requirement of Android 5.0+ or above and IOS 9 for this game.
  • You’ll need iOS 12.0 or later.
  • You can play this game on a device with 2GB of RAM.

How to Download and Install BB Racing Mod APK?

Follow all the steps and install the game on your device successfully.

  1. Go to the download button, click on it, and download the Beach Buggy Racing mod APK.
  2. In the 2nd step, when the download is finished, sometimes your Phone may ask permission for unknown sources. You can allow it from your settings.
  3. In the 3rd step, the pop-up notification suggests you install this application. You can click on Install without any hesitation. 
  4. When you download and the installation process is complete, only click on the game icon on your screen to play the game.


Ultimately, Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK is full of interesting fun, action, and adventure, with unique tracks and realistic graphics that give you a real feel. You can start a race with your Monster Cars and your favorite driver, which helps you in the race. These drivers have the skills to beat other players. Furthermore, you will use power-ups at crucial times to make it difficult for others to achieve their goal.

You can use these power-ups with Fire Work and drop Oil on the roads to make it slippery and smash other cars, leading you to get the first position. Like you, you must be attentive because other players can use these same power-ups and skills. Overall this game is amazing, so don’t wait and download it from our side to enjoy this experience.


No, there is no need for any root. You can enjoy this game without rooting your device.

To play this mode, you have to make an in-app purchase then you can enjoy this mode.

No, In this mod version, you can enjoy premium features free of cost and license.

No, You can play this game offline without the internet.

The file size is only 87 Mb.

Yes, it’s safe for your device if you download it from our website.

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