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December 2, 2023

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Jan 24, 2020

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Introduction To DLS 23 Mod APK

Dream Soccer League, aka DLS 23, is a soccer game, as its name implies. It’s the favorite game of all soccer lovers, but the original version of the game offers some limitations. It has less energy of players, strong opposite teams, and limited options for customization of players. That’s why we are providing you with the DLS 23 Mod APK, which removes these restrictions.

It’s not easy to play for everyone. This game gives you a tough time and doesn’t allow you to lose focus because if you do this, your opponent team will score a goal easily. It has all the world-class players you can choose to add to your team and play in different leagues with them. You can add a different number of players to your club depending on your accommodation size.

Dls mod apk 23

Football is a sport that has a great fan following all around the world. It’s the number 1 sport if we rank it in terms of popularity. This is the reason why DLS 23 is famous. It gives a real-time experience to buy your favorite club and play in different leagues. The AI players of this are designed really well so that you’ll actually feel that you are playing with original players. You can also check Fifa Mobile and play with your iconic players. This game also has the same features. Now download DLS 23 with Unlimited Money and Diamonds and enjoy the game without any difficulty.

About Dream League Soccer 2023 Mod APK

There are many soccer games available on the internet. Every game has its unique features and gameplay. But Dream Soccer League Mod APK beat all of them when we compare them in terms of features. DLS 23 Mod APK is the latest version of the game. This game has added all the features that are possible to be added in a soccer game. This is the main thing that you’ll have the real experience of football by playing it.

This game is built by considering the rules of football. If you break any rule, then the player can get a penalty of a yellow or red card. According to the rule break, it depends on the referee what he wants to give. This thing makes the game more interesting and enjoyable. To give a more realistic feel, the developer added rain in some stadiums while playing. 

The game has stunning 3d graphics and good music. The music of the game will give you goosebumps. It also has commentary while playing. The language of the commentary is English, and commenters keep talking about every move and probability of the match.

dls mod apk

Original vs Mod Comparison

OriginalMod Version
Less energy of playersUnlimited Energy in DLS 23 Mod APK
Many adsNo ads at all
Few PlayersAll players are available
Difficult OpponentsEasy Opponents

Gameplay of DLS 23

The gameplay of this game falls between easy and difficult. But, when you have some practice in the gameplay, your game grip will increase, and you’ll enjoy it more. In this game, you’ll be assigned a team of 11 players to play against different world-class teams. You can add more players to the squad by spending some coins from the Transfers menu. 

Tap on the game icon to start the game. The first screen you’ll see is your team name and its players. You can assign any name to your team, and you can assign players of your own choice to your club. You can also choose a manager and coach for your team. You’ll earn coins and different other rewards after winning a match, which you can use to buy more players and to improve your club’s accommodation and other facilities.

To start playing, click on Fixtures, and you’ll see your opponent’s team there. Now, click on play, and the match will start. In the total time of the match, the team with more goals will win the match. It will also have half-time in the match like in the original football sport. You can use game controls like an analog button to move your player in all directions and buttons like A, B, and C to pass the ball and loft kick the ball.

Doing a goal is not easy in this game. But, it will be easy for you if you play as a team and do smooth passing and kicking. You’ve to dodge opponent players to keep the ball to yourself and pass your teammates while running toward the opponent’s goal court. The chances of a goal are greater if you kick the ball at less distance from the opponent’s goal court.

Our Expert Review About DLS 23 Mod APK

I have played many football games like FIFA Mobile, Real Football, and E Football, but DLS 23 is better than all these games. You’ll see many advanced customization options, and you can set the formation of your team. All the famous stars are available in the game, and you can play with your favorite player. I have created my team with Mesi, Ranolad, and many other famous heroes. You can also make your dream team and play with them. According to our expert team experience, the graphics and sound are better than all other sports games. If you want to play a good graphics game, DLS 23 is best for you.

Features of Dream League Soccer 2023

This game has some wonderful features. You’ll see multiple unique elements that enhance your gameplay experience. Let’s discuss them in detail.

  • Excellent Graphics With Good Pics Quality

This game has amazing 3D graphics, which makes the game visually appealing for all the players. All the game elements, like players, stadiums, and audience in the pavilion, are designed well. This will give you a feel of actual gameplay in the football ground.

  • Grow Your Skills in Training Section

It’s one of the amazing features of the game. You can go to this section and do free training for smooth passes, free kicks, penalties, and corner kicks. By doing regular training here, you can enhance your grip on the game to compete live with other teams around the globe.

  • Make Your Team Using Premium Heroes

You can customize your team by going to the customize section. You’ll be able to change the logo of your team, and you can select your logo from the pre-made 30 templates. You can also change the colors of your logo to make it more attractive. You’ll be able to change the name of your team, too.

  • Design Your Kit With Various Items

You can design a kit for your team according to your own preference. You’ll be able to select some kits like home, away, third, etc. You can also change the kit type like plain, stripes, hoops, halves, sides, quarters, sleeves, bands, and split. Players can change the colors of their shirts, shorts, and socks. You can see the player from all angles, like top, bottom, front, and back, to see how your player will actually look during the match.

  • Customize Your Manager

You can also design your manager’s outfit and personally like the way you want. You can select from the 20 available face types. You can select his outfits like a jumper, suit, puffer jacket, tracksuit, and waistcoat. You will be able to select his facial hair and its color. In a nutshell, you can design the manager in all the possibilities to make him the best.

  • Upgrade Your Stadium

You can go to the stadium section and upgrade the stadium design to increase your fun and interest in the game. You can select the pitch pattern like check, diagonal, diamond, circle, or stripe to whichever you are comfortable with. You can also upgrade the stand section of the audience by adding a roof and chairs to give it a more attractive feel.

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  • Upgrade Club Buildings

In the game, your club will be assigned different buildings like a Recruitment area, Training area, Accommodation for players, Medical facility, and a commercial area. You can upgrade the capacity and facilities of these buildings by spending some diamonds.

  • Easy Game Controls

The game controls of this game are very easy. You can use the analog button to move your player in a different direction, and you can use 3 other buttons to kick or pass the ball. You can also use the A button for a header push. You can change the size of these buttons by going to the game control settings. 

  • Automatic Switch of the Player

The game will automatically switch the player who is close or in front of the ball. That player will handle the ball, and when he passes to another player, then that player will automatically become the ball handler to move towards the opponent’s court.

  • Use Camera Angles

The game has four different camera angles, which are a sideline, goal to goal, TV, and ball. You can select anyone that helps you enhance your experience in the game. You can also change the camera distance to make the view of the player close or wide.

  • Enjoy Thrilling Commentary

The game has an amazing commentary feature, which makes it more enjoyable and gives it the feel of a real football game. The commentary is up to the mark, which sometimes gives you goosebumps while playing. The commentators talk about each and every move of the players and give their feedback on it. They also examine the situation of the match and discuss it in the commentary.

dls 23 mod apk unlimited coins and diamonds download
  • Support Different Languages

This game is available in multiple languages. You can go to the settings and select the game language, like English, French, Dutch, Italian, etc. You can select anyone which you understand better. This thing makes the game global and easy to understand for everyone.

  • Challenge Your Friends

You can challenge your friends and family and compete with them to make your experience more enjoyable. You can create or join your friend’s match by entering the match code. When you make a team with your friends then you make better strategies and implement them in the right way with better coordination to win more matches.

  • Career Mode

In this mode, you will play different fixtures one by one, and by winning those, you’ll get rewards and coins after winning the match. Your team rating will also get improved if you keep winning all the fixtures. You need an internet connection to load a fixture, and then you can play it.

  • Exhibition Mode

This is the offline mode of the game. In case you don’t have an internet connection, then you can play exhibition matches to improve your gameplay so that you can perform better in live and career matches. These are just friendly matches, so you’ll not earn many rewards as compared to other modes.

  • Live Mode

In this mode, you can play live matches with other teams all around the world. All players in the opponent team will be original and not Ai Bots. This is the most interesting mode of the DLS 23 APK. By competing with humans, you’ll know where you stand and how expert you are in the game. You’ll earn more rewards and benefits in live matches as compared to other modes.

  • Scenario Mode

Scenarios get updated regularly in a day. After playing and completing a scenario, the timer for the next scenario will start on the screen. In this, you will be assigned a predefined scenario of a match, and you will have to complete it to win and earn rewards.

  • Player Formation

You can change player formation by going to the team section at the bottom. You can select which player you want to place at what place in the ground. You can set some. You can also select a predefined tactic like defensive, balanced, or attacking. Moreover, you can make a custom player formation the way you want.

dls 2023 mod apk
  • Make Your Perfect Team Combination

You can change your team combination by going to the team menu. You can change your captain here. You can assign a player for a penalty kick, free kick, and corner kick. Try to select the players with the highest energy level to get the best results. You’ll also be able to select team players and substitutes here. 

  • Hire a Coach For Your Team

Every team need a professional coach to train the team in a good way. A coach is one of the most important people on the team. You can hire a coach who will give training to your players, and he’ll decide the match strategy and playing techniques.

  • Hire a Physio

You can assign a physio for your team. Physios help in recovering the energy of all players in your squad. Whenever a player gets injured, he’ll need a physio for fast recovery.

  • Complete Daily Challenges and Get Rewards

You can see the challenges button at the bottom of the screen. Here, you’ll see a list of challenges that you need to complete and the coins you will win after completing a challenge. Challenges are like winning two live matches, doing a penalty goal, etc.

  • Leaderboard

You can see the leaderboards in the game to check the ranking and progress of your team. You’ll be able to check how many matches you’ve won and your comparison with other club teams.

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Mod Features of DLS 23 Mod Menu

  • DLS 23 Mod APK Unlimited Energy: Players will get infinite energy in the DLS 23 Mod edition. Your players will never get tired during the match, and they will run fast to tackle the ball. They will not be affected by any injuries.
  • Unlimited Coins and Diamonds Download: When you download the game file from our website, you’ll receive limitless coins and diamonds. Using these diamonds and coins, you can unlock the many premium items free of cost.
  • Mega Menu Unlocked: In this latest version of DLS 23, the mega menu is unlocked. Many premium options are free to play when you turn on these options. Using this, you’ll achieve limitless energy and power.
  • Freeze Bots: You can freeze the bots during the match so that they don’t make a move. You can take the ball and make the goal easily. In this way, you can improve your team’s ranking by winning matches with higher margins.
  • Dream League Soccer 2023 Unlocked All: In Dream League Soccer 2023, you’ll get all the premium elements. All the players and stadiums are unlocked in the game. Now, download the game and enjoy unlimited everything.
  • Unlimited Money and Gems: The new version is very interesting and enjoyable because you’ll see many new features in the DLS 23. So, if you want to play this game with unlimited money and gems, download the game from here.
  • All Kits Unlocked: You’ll enjoy many premium kits in the game, and the color combination of every kit is really amazing. You can also design a kit logo and make a unique design for your team. These features are not free in the standard version of the game, so you can download the pro version from here and enjoy this feature.

What’s new in the app?

  • Gameplay is improved.
  • All bugs are fixed.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • Never-ending energy
  • Select options from the mod menu
  • Free to download
  • Make fool of Ai bots to improve your team ranking
  • Regular updates of DLS 23 Mod APK
  • Cons
  • Need an internet connection to play live and career modes
  • Account can be banned if you play online.

How to Download and Install DLS 23 Mod APK?

Follow all the steps and install the game on your device successfully.

  1. Click the download button to download the DLS 23 Mod APK.
  2. After that, go to downloads of your Chrome browser and click on the file.
  3. Now, click on settings to enable the unknown resources option.
  4. The game will be installed after this. Enjoy.

Final Words About Latest Edition of DLS 24 Mod APK

All we can say is that this game is the best among all the football games available in the market if you compare it in terms of features and football rules. Literally, this game has covered all the features that can be possibly covered in a soccer game. All the rules are designed by keeping in mind the football sport. 

This game is truly a masterpiece when we talk about graphics and the appearance of players. Players resemble original players, which gives it a more improved user experience. Live commentary is one more addition to the game. So, last, we can say that you must play the DLS 23 Mod APK with unlimited coins and diamonds if you’re a true football fan.


Yes, this game is totally free to play. Just download from the button above and enjoy.

Yes, you can play it on ios by downloading it from Apple App Store. No mods are available for ios.

Yes, you can play it on pc by downloading an emulator like Bluestacks. But, we will recommend playing on android to enjoy the amazing gameplay.

Yes, this mod is totally safe to download. We tested and played the mod and there were no issues.

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