Match Masters Mod APK v4.604 Unlimited Boosters, Money, Menu

match masters mod apk

Match Masters Mod APK Latest Version

4.5 (49380)


Android 5.1+




November 23, 2023

Additional Information

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  • Downloads

10,000,000 +

  • Released

Jun 08, 2018

  • Size

168 MB

  • Google Play
Play store
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Mod Menu
  • Premium Unlocked

Introduction to Match Master Mod APK

Match Masters is a popular puzzle game that belongs to the casual category. But, you’ll have to struggle for coins, money and boosters in the free version. Therefore, you can download the latest version of Match Masters Mod APK from to get unlimited boosters, unlimited money and coins. Moreover, you can use the mod menu to enable different mod features to get an upper edge over your opponents. Moreover, if you like puzzle games, Royal Match APK is also great gift for you.

match masters mod apk (unlimited money)

Match Masters hack provides you all the premium features without any cost so that you can enhance your game skills and gameplay. You can use these boosters to score maximum points in a single turn against your opponent. Furthermore, you can use the money you get in this mod version to unlock different stickers and add them in your sticker album. Download now and experience the exciting pro features for free.

About Match Masters APK

Match Masters PVP Match 3 is a multiplayer puzzle game in which you’ll compete with players from around the world. This game is all about matching 3 gems or objects to score points. Every object like blue starts, green leaves, red objects etc have different points. So, try to score more to win. You can also shuffle the board if you don’t find any matchable items. 

match masters mod apk latest version

Match Masters was developed by Candivore and officially released on Play Store on June 18, 2017. From its release, it’s becoming very popular amongst people of all ages. The main reason behind its popularity is its ease of play and straightforward rules. You can also invite your friends in the Match Masters game to play and enjoy with them. 

Original vs. Mod Comparison

Zero MoneyUnlimited Money
Limited BoostersUnlimited Boosters in Match Masters Mod APK
Few CoinsInfinite Coins
Some Items UnlockedEverything Unlocked

How to Download and Install Match Masters Mod APK?

You can download this game by following these steps. 

  1. Click on the download button to download the Match Masters Mod APK.
  2. After the download is complete, click on the file name.
  3. Give permission to unknown sources to install the game.
  4. When the installation process is complete, you can play the game.


  • It will help you to remove your boredom. 
  • Meet people of different cultures from around the globe. 
  • It will teach you the importance of becoming focused on the goal. 
  • It will be fun to play.
  • Enjoy it with your long distance friends.

Gameplay of Match Masters Hack

The gameplay of the Match Masters Hack version is exactly the same as the original free version. So, if you’ve played the free version before, you’ll not face any difficulty in playing the mod version. Mod version just has some extra features which will make your gameplay more interesting and enjoyable. This will help you to win the matches easily. 

When you load the game, the commentator will welcome you in the game and will give you some training before playing online against real opponents. In this training, you’ll be play against Mr. Wolf who is your Ai opponent. In this practice session, you’ll be taught about matching items to score points and use boosters. You’ll also learn to use hammer and shuffle buttons. 

Now, you can start playing online against original players. The match consists of 5 rounds. In every round, each player gets two turns to match the objects and earn points for himself. There will also be a timer so you have to be quick in your turn. Match blue stars to charge the available booster and when it gets charged fully, use it to score more points than a normal move. Match 4 objects instead of 3 to get an extra move. You can also use the hammer button to remove any piece.

Our Playing Experience With Match Masters

Mach Masters is a simplest game that I have played and new player user easily play this without any difficulty. Match three colors or items to destroy the blocks and you can use boosters for large distruction. The game offers you to play the game with your friends in multiplayer mode and enhance your gaming experience. If you want to try this game, move to download button and install the game.

Features of Match Masters

Online Multiplayer Game

Match masters is an online multiplayer game which you fight against with other players having different skill sets and ranks. Every player has various boosters which he gets based on the trophies he wins. So, make your strategy and be quick because there is time ticking on each turn. You can compete against people of different cultures and enjoy the online feature. Moreover, if you like these types of multiplayer games, check Rush Royale because this game also offer two different types of online game modes.

Amazing Power Ups

Match master has different kinds of power ups and boosters available which you can use while playing against your opponent. This includes bombs, lightning bolts and many other powerups which gives you a chance to score more. For Example, you can use the bomb to clear gems from a large section of the board and earn points. Use them at the right time against your opponent. 

Events and Tournaments 

You can play in tournaments and events to earn big rewards. Playing in these is not easy because they include big players who are experts in this game. You’ve to be lucky and best too if you want to win. You can use the earned rewards to unlock different features of the game. These events will also help you to rank higher on the leaderboard and increase your reputation. 

Play with Friends

This is one of the fun features of Match Masters. You can sign in with different social media platforms and invite your friends and family members to compete against them. Your friend will have to accept the invite and install the game to play with you. Your friend’s location does not matter because this is an online game and he can be from anywhere in the world. 

Match Masters Mod Menu

Collect Daily Prizes

This game offers you daily prizes and rewards to keep you engaged in the game. You can go to the Daily Rewards section in the game and collect the reward for that specific day. This also includes lucky boxes which you can unlock for free. They may include various free boosters which you can grab and use while playing. 

Various Puzzle Items

The board contains puzzle items of different shapes and colors. Every puzzle item has its own score value if you match 3 or more of them. They include blue stars, orange diamonds, red circles and many other distinct puzzle items. They are spread all over the board. You’ve to focus and find any matching items in vertical or horizontal positions. 

Different Boosters in Match Masters Mod APK

Boosters add an extra spice and fun to Match Masters. They will get unlocked one after one when you reach a specific rank. For Example, the Slime will be unlocked when you reach 175 rank. Similarly, the Mastermind gets unlocked when you win 575 trophies. Every booster has its own speciality and use. So keep winning more boards to unlock them. Diamond boosters will be unlocked at highest ranks.

match masters mod apk (unlimited boosters)

Attractive Graphics and Sound

The graphics and sound effects of Match Masters are very attractive and funny. The characters designed to be a cartoon makes it really funny and enjoyable. The outfits and look of the character is also very beautiful. Board has a clear view with high quality graphics. The sounds like a ticking clock, and the character’s sound is also very good. 

Trackable Scoreboard

You will see a detailed scorecard on top of the board mentioning your score and your opponent’s score after each turn. You can check it after every round to track your progress. You can strategies your next moves more accurately if you are left behind by your opponent. Also, try to beat other players with a high margin to earn more rewards.

Sticker Albums

You can collect different stickers after every match and you can create your album with them. They will be unlocked when you progress in the game and win matches continuously. You can show your albums to your friends and show off. You can also use these stickers to buy different style packs and outfits for your character.

Never Ending Levels

Match Masters has thousands of levels which will be unlocked one by one through the game. Each level has its own difficulty and it increases in higher levels. This will keep you engaged in the game and will not let you get bored by playing the same thing again and again.

Mod Features

Match Masters Unlimited Boosters

Boosters are the most important items of the game. They can help you earn more points against your opponents to win the match easily. But, boosters will get unlocked slowly in the free version. Thats why, download Match Masters Mod APK Unlimited Boosters latest version from our website to get them unlocked from start. You don’t have to wait to unlock them in this mod version. 

match masters hack android

Unlimited Money or Coins

You are going to get unlimited money or coins in this pro version of the Match Master Android game. You can use this money to unlock different powers and upgrades which will help you compete against hard opponent players. You can also use this cash to buy different items and outfits from the store. Like this game, you can also play Monopoly Go with unlimited money.

Match Masters Mod Menu

Match Masters mod menu gives you different options which you can turn on while playing the game. These options will help you to tackle other pro players easily so that you can win more games to increase your rank and position.

What’s new in the app?

  • Mighty Mushrooms mode is available.
  • Mutation Lab is introduced in this version.
  • Booster Stakes Multiplayer has been added.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • Get unlimited boosters in Match Masters Mod APK.
  • Multiplayer game. 
  • You’ll get direct download from our website. 
  • Fast download.
  • Multiple Stickers are unlocked.
  • Cons
  • It’s not offline. 

App Requirements

  • 300 of free space will be required to install the game.
  • Android version 5.1 or up.
  • 2GB RAM to play this game smoothly.
  • You’ll need iOS 12.0 or above to play the Match Masters.


The final verdict is that there are many puzzle games available in the market but the multiplayer feature of the Match Masters Mod APK makes it standout. The game is easy and simple and you can play it with your friends. Moreover, the game’s cartoonish graphics make it funny. You should give it a try and it will be worth your time.


Will I get unlimited boosters and money in the game?

Yes, download the mod file and enjoy unlimited boosters and money.

Can I play Match Masters Mod APK Offline?

No, it’s an online game and you’ll need an internet connection to play Match Masters.

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