Pure Sniper Mod APK v500216 Vip, Unlimited Money and Gold

pure sniper mod apk

Pure Sniper Mod APK (All Guns Unlocked)

4.5 (4820)


Android 5.1+




November 5, 2023

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Nov 15, 2021

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154 MB

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Snipers are the real fighters in every shooting game. All the snipers use advanced, high-range weapons to hit perfectly to the target. Many shooting games are available in the market, but Pure Sniper is prominent worldwide. You can enhance your shooting skills by playing this game. If you find a unique action game, then this game fulfils your requirements.

We know you have faced many limitations in the standard version of the game, and you have played the game with some restrictions. If you want to enjoy all the characteristics of the game, then download the Pure Sniper Mod APK from our website. You can enjoy all the aspects of the game without any cost.

pure sniper mod apk unlimited money and gold

What is Pure Sniper APK?

Pure Sniper is an epic shooting game where you can perform multiple shooting activities. The developer offers many exciting game modes for the users, and you’ll never get bored when you play the game. Arm yourself with powerful weapons and protect yourself with advanced equipment.

pure sniper mod apk unlimited diamonds

The world is full of criminals and bad people. Using weapons, you can protect yourself and your people from bad people. You need proper planning to kill your enemies because sometimes they change their identity to hide themselves. At the start of the mission, the game guides you about your target, and you can easily find your enemy.

What is Pure Sniper Mod APK?

Pure Sniper Mod APK is the pro version of the pure sniper game. This version gives you access to unlimited guns and equipment. These things are essential in any shooting game. If you have proper stock of ammunition, you can play the game without any limitations; because of this, you can easily kill your opponent.

Moreover, in the basic version of the game, all the levels are locked, and you can unlock these levels by completing them individually. But this premium version allows you to play any level without completing all the levels because all the levels are unlocked. You’ll also need gold and cash to buy the items because, in every stage, you’ll face different enemies, and you’ll need more advanced equipment. You’ll get unlimited gold and cash in the game.

pure sniper mod apk all characters unlocked

Original vs. Mod Comparison

No AmmosUnlimited Ammos in Pure Sniper Mod APK
Zero DiamondsUnlimited Diamonds
Few CharactersAll Characters Unlocked
No MoneyZero Ads
Unlimited MoneyHigh XP

How to Download and Install Pure Sniper Mod APK?

You can download this game by following these steps. 

  1. Click on the download button to download the Pure Sniper Mod APK.
  2. After the download is complete, click on the file name.
  3. Give permission to unknown sources to install the game.
  4. When the installation process is complete, you can play the game.


  • All the modded features work smoothly.
  • You’ll see different types of enemies in this new update.
  • Single-step downloading procedure.
  • You’ll see simple and smooth gun shooting controls.
  • Virus-free game file.
  • You’ll not face any ads during the downloading process.

How To Play The Game?

Pure Sniper is a very engaging game, and you’ll enjoy it. The online mode is very special for all the players because, in this, you can play with your friends and family. The game has many missions that give you full entertainment and fun. The developer also offers simple control navigations, and you’ll easily play the game without any difficulty.

Moreover, when you start the campaign, you’ll see the information about your target, and you can easily find it according to the given information. The two buttons are available on your device; one is fire, and the other is the zoom button. You can use the zoom feature to see your target closely. After selecting your target, click the fire button and shoot him.

How to play the game on PC?

If you want to play the game on your PC, you’ll need emulator software to play the game. Many emulator software are available on the internet but my favorite is Bluestacks. You can use the below steps to download the software file on your computer.

  1. Go to the official website of Bluestacks.
  2. Download the software file.
  3. Install it on your system.
  4. Open the bluestacks and search the game file.
  5. After finding the game, simply install it.
  6. Now enjoy the game.

Our Personal Review

We have tried many shooting games, but the level of Pure Sniper is above all these games. We have experienced many advanced guns and other weapons that are very rare. The graphics are very attractive, and you’ll enjoy the 3D visuals in this game. According to our experience, competition mode is very challenging, and you’ll need proper skills to play this mode. If you’re a real fan of shooting games, you must try this game.


Many Expensive Guns With Multiple Range

Guns are valuable items in the pure sniper game. You can buy any gun using the money. The given guns are snipers, handguns, assault, and shotguns. Every weapon has its unique functionality. Some guns are used for short-range targets, and others are used for long-range targets. You can unlock any gun according to your needs.

Enjoy PVP and Offline Mode

PVP mode is best for those users who have a good and stable internet connection because if your internet is disconnected during the game, you’ll lose the game. In this mode, all the players are tough competitors, and you’ll need a proper strategy to kill these strong players. On the other side, offline mode is good for those users where the internet is not available. Now, we can say that this game is best for both types of users.

pure sniper mod apk unlimited energy

Incredible Graphics Performance

Graphics always play an important role in the success of any game. 3D graphics games catch more audiences than 2D graphics. The high-quality 3D visuals build your interest in the game because these visuals give you a realistic feel of the game. You can experience real-time shooting skills in this shooting game because everything looks real and attractive.

Various Types of Enemies

Enemies are a real challenge for you because they quickly change their outfits to hide their identity, but the game instructor provides some tips about the enemy at the beginning of every mission. You’ll face different enemies, and you can defend yourself and your family from criminals. As a sniper, you can easily see all the people and hit perfectly using your sniper gun.

Different Game Languages To Easily Understand The Game

Languages are very important for all the users to know about all the game functions. You’ll see various international languages in pure sniper; you can change your local language from the game settings. The languages are French, English, Deutsch, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, and many more.

Phenomenal FPS Gameplay

Pure Sniper is the best FPS shooting game, and you enhance your shooting skills in the game. You can provide yourself as the best shooter in the world to complete all the tasks in a given specific time. Every time the task is different, all these assignments check your efficiency and accuracy.

Several Entertaining Missions

Miniclip.com offer 400+ thrilling and interesting missions for all the global players, and you’ll face many powerful enemies in every mission. All the missions are very suspenseful, and you’ll enjoy every mission of the game. You’ll need heavy weapons to kill the bosses of the game. If you want to complete all the missions, buy premium guns for your players. GTA SA Cleo is also a similar type of game, you can also enjoy many missions in this game.

pure sniper mod apk unlimited everything

Take Out Manhunt Targets

You’ll see different types of criminals in the game, and you can try to stop all kinds of gangsters with your sniper expertise. Some criminals are perilous for people because they kill innocent people because of their demands. These types of dangerous criminals use expensive weapons to complete their tasks. If you want to kill criminals, you’ll need heavy weapons.

Enjoy Various Game Modes

Various game modes are available in the pure sniper. All the modes are very entertaining, and you’ll enjoy all the modes. You have played many multi-mode games like ML Legends, but this game provides you with more entertainment and fun.

Campaign Mode

Campaign mode is a very easy and easy game mode from all others. Basically, this is the story-based mode in which you’ll enjoy different missions. All the stages are easy, and you can easily kill your target. After completing the missions, you’ll get rewards and gold.

Gun Range Competition Mode

This game mode tests your shooting skills, and your performance shows your expertise. If you hit your short and long targets perfectly, you’ll be considered a better player than all others who have fewer skills.

Help The Police Mode

This is a very interesting game mode in which you’ll help the police to catch the criminals. Sometimes police have limited resources, and they don’t arrest the lawbreakers. You can hit the criminals using your sniper gun and try to avoid any causality.

pure sniper mod apk all guns unlocked

Rescue Hostage Mode

This is the toughest challenge for you to save all the hostages without any damage. You need a perfect scheme to rescue the people because your one mistake creates more problems for the hostages. So, first, make a good plan to handle the criminals and then go for the attack.

Mod Features of Pure Sniper Menu

Unlimited Lavish Guns

In the basic version of the game, you have only a few guns that do not fulfil your requirements. Guns are very helpful for every player to kill the opponent. So, in this pro version, you’ll get unlimited guns, and you can use any expensive gun according to your requirements.

All Equipment Unlocked

In Pure Sniper APK, you have limited equipment, and you can’t customize yourself according to your requirements. But in the Pure Sniper Mod APK, all the equipment is unlocked, and you can customize yourself with luxury accessories.

Infinite Ammo and No Reload

This feature is not available in the free version of the game, but we will provide you unlimited ammo and no reload in this version of the game. If you have unlimited ammunition and no reload, you can constantly attack your opponent without any tension because you’ll not need to reload the gun repeatedly. This feature saves you time and improves your attacking skills.

Unlimited Gold and Diamonds 

We know you have zero diamonds and gold in the game’s standard version, and you haven’t purchased your favorite weapons because of these restrictions. Now, you’ll get unlimited diamonds and gold in the Pure Sniper Mod APK, and you can buy anything according to your choice.

All Characters Unlocked

When you download the game from our website, you’ll get all characters unlocked, and you can use any character. If you want to play the game with your favorite character, download the game from the above download button and enjoy the game. We know characters are very important in the game, and if you want to play the game with super characters, download Stickman Dragon Fight Game and enjoy it.

Unlimited Energy

This premium feature provides you with an opportunity to play the game without waste of time to increase your energy level. Now, you can play the game with unlimited energy.

No Ads Visible

When you play the game, many ads are visible during the game that disturb you, and you lose your attention. This version also allows you to play the game without any interference.

What’s new in the app?

  • New campaign zone 19 – LA City Limits has been added.
  • 40 new campaign missions are added.
  • You’ll see 7X new weapons in this latest version.
  • You’ll see new Manhunt & Contract Missions.
  • Collect epic guns to explore your game experience.
  • Short-range and long-range guns are available in the game.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • You’ll easily hit the helicopter using the sniper guns.
  • Multiple battlegrounds are available in the game.
  • You’ll get unlimited money and gems.
  • You’ll get many advanced weapons.
  • All premium features are unlocked in Pure Sniper Mod APK.
  • Cons
  • No Cons

App Requirements

  • The required OS is 5.1 and up.
  • 200 MB of free space will be required to play the game.
  • The required Ios is 11.0 or up.
  • 3 GB RAM is required.


I have played many sniper games, but Pure Sniper Mod APK is better than all other shooting games. This game provides extra features like huge collections of expensive guns and equipment. We know you’ll get zero money and gems when you download the game from the Play Store. But this premium version gives you unlimited money and gems, and you purchase anything in the game. These benefits are very helpful for you to play the game freely.


Yes, you’ll get many advanced guns and rifles in the game.

Yes, you can play this game on ios and you’ll need ios 11.0 or up to play the game.

Yes, the multiplayer mode is available in the game and you can play the game with your friends.

Yes, you can customize your character in the game. There’re many customization options available in the game such as head, gloves, vest, belt, shorts, old string, and face.

Yes, the game file is totally secure and you can download the Pure Sniper Mod APK without any difficulty.

Yes, you’ll get unlimited everything in the game.

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