Lumber Inc Mod APK v1.8.5 Vip, Unlimited Money and Gems

lumber inc mod apk

Lumber Inc Mod APK (Vip Unlocked)

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November 12, 2023

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Game Veterans

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May 29, 2021

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95 MB

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  • Unlimited Diamonds
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Idle lumber empire is a very special game for all the lumber businesses. In this game, you can explore your wood business. This game gives you more ideas and special tips about your log business. But, in the free version of the game, the developer sets some restrictions, and you’ll not enjoy all the game features. Therefore, we will provide you with a modded version of this game, Lumber Inc Mod APK.

You’ll enjoy all the premium features in the modded version of the game. You’ll get unlimited money in the Idle Lumber Empire Mod APK, which you can use for free shopping. All the staff is unlocked in the game, including Debarking managers, Canting Managers, Resawing managers, Sanding managers, Head drivers, and Storage managers. You can use any manager according to your needs.

Idle lumber empire mod apk

Moreover, all the buildings are unlocked in the game. You can use any building to grow your business. You’ll get unlimited diamonds, which you can use to upgrade and maintain your vehicles to transport the materials efficiently. We know you have faced many ads in idle lumber. But in the premium version, all the ads are removed, and you can enjoy the game without interruption. In Lumber Inc Mod APK Max Level, Free Shopping, VIP Unlocked, you have the opportunity to freely play the game.

About Lumber Inc APK

The game was developed by Game Veterans and released on May 19, 2021. In this game, you can start a small lumber business of lumber. You can build more manufacturing units when you earn some money. You can grow your business and make your lumber empire using these production plants. In the lumber empire, you can assign different tasks to all the managers to flourish your business.

In this game, you can take land and grow different types of trees. You can hire laborers who cut the trees. You need a proper transport system that moves your cutting wood from one place to near the production units. You can see there’re many advanced vehicles available in the game. You can also increase your vehicle speed and capacity by using the coins. If you want to build your own farm with animals then download Hay Day.                                                                                   

Idle lumber inc mod apk

Furthermore, you can complete the missions to earn great rewards. You can also get extra logs by viewing the videos. In the lumber pass, you’ll get different regards like boxes, paint, diamonds, a clock, the chest contains, and many more. You can see different events in the game, like medieval events. You can participate in the event and complete different milestones to get gifts.

Original vs. Mod Comparison

Few VehiclesAll Vehicles Unlocked
Many AdsNo ads
Some ManagersAll Managers Unlocked
Limited MoneyUnlimited Money
Few GemsUnlimited Gems in Lumber Inc Mod APK
Limited DiamondsUnlimited Diamonds

How to Download and Install Lumber Inc Mod APK?

You can download this game by following these steps. 

  1. Click on the download button to download the Lumber Inc Mod APK.
  2. After the download is complete, click on the file name.
  3. Give permission to unknown sources to install the game.
  4. When the installation process is complete, you can play the game.


  • Fast and secure downloading process.
  • All the modded features are working.
  • You’ll get all the paid elements free of cost.
  • You’ll get more machinery to explore your business.

Gameplay of Idle Lumber Empire Mod APK

The gameplay of Lumber Inc Mod APK is very interesting and entertaining for all people. First, you can buy land where you grow different types of trees. You need many labors like Tree planters and Lumberjacks who care for your forests. Five categories of forests are available in the game: Forest 1, Forest 2, Forest 3, Forest 4, and Forest 5. Every tree has different growing times and saplings.

Many big investors are available in the game. You can receive money from VIP investors to build your lumber empire. You can improve your reputation in the market by building great wooden houses. You need many machines to run your wood business. Many machines are available in the game, and you can use any machine according to your need. Every machine is used for different purposes.

Furthermore, you can analyze factory data and improve your lumber empire. You can see many things in the stats, such as forests, debarkers, Milling line 1, Milling line 2, and Milling line 3. You can also calculate how much you earn per log. Using the stats, you can improve your earrings and generate more revenue from your business.

You can take orders from customers and deliver the right products. Moreover, you can check the order value and biz points in the order status. The most important thing is you’ll deliver the products timely. If you can’t complete the order in a specific time, the customer can cancel the order at any time. So, make sure to deliver all the orders in a given time.

My Playing Experience With Lumber Inc Mod APK

I have played this game on my Android phone, and it’s performance is outstanding. The game has many unique features, and this game gives you ideas about different business activities; you can learn these by performing multiple tasks in the game. Lumber Inc is the best game for business-minded people because they will learn many things through this game. If you want to experience this game, download the game from our website.

Features of Lumber Inc APK

Wide Collection of Buildings

Buildings are very important for every business. You can see many buildings in the game, such as log cabins, cottages, log houses, chalets, bungalows, wooden villas, orange lodges, oak barns, seaside villas, sunshine villas, place cabins, purple barns, cedar chalet, rose cottage, greenhouse, yellow bungalow, blue lodge, port view villa, hilltop villa, and cherry mansion. Like this game, Rich Inc APK also provides you with the same types of buildings.

Build Your Dream Forest 

First, you need land where you can make your forest. You can purchase land by using game currency. Many plants are available in the game. You can grow different types of plants and make your dream forest. All plants take time to grow. You can hire workers for the forest who care for your trees. If you want good results, then hire professional labors.

lumber inc mod apk unlimited Diamonds

Variety of Vehicles in Lumber Inc Mod APK

In the game, you can see many types of vehicles. These vehicles play a vital role in growing the business. You can deliver raw logs to the log yard by using log trucks. Forklifts are used to move different things from one place to another. For example, log yard to debarkers, debarkers to log storage, log storage to sawmill lines, sawmill lines to lumber storage, and lumber storage to packing.

Multiple Managers

Managers play an important role in every business. You can find many types of managers in the game. Every manager has some special skills to help you to grow your business. Sales managers manage the marketing and try to catch the maximum number of customers. You can see many super managers available in the game. All the super managers have multiple skills to perform multiple tasks.

Smooth User Interface

I have played the game on all the devices like Android, iOS, and PC. The performance of the game is brilliant. I have not faced any lagging issues in the game. The game’s file size is small, and you’ll not require too much space to install the game on your device.

Many Production Machines

Machines are very important to run a business. Many production machines are available in the game, such as debarker 1, cutting machine 1, cutting machine 2, cutting machine 3, debarker 2, resaw machine 1, resaw machine 2, resaw machine 3, sanding machine 1, and many more. You can build more machines to process more logs and dominate the market.

Build a New Factory and Expand your Business

Many factories are available in the game that help you to grow your business. You can buy new land for new factories where you harvest the forests just like you build farms in Family Island. You’ll require a lot of new employees to run the business. You can also increase the storage to build new storage houses. You’ll need game currency to purchase new things to expand your business.

Idle lumber inc mod apk

Graphics and Sound

The graphics and sound of Lumber Inc are amazing. The developer offers high-quality graphics for everyone who loves simulation games. The game’s visuals are clear, and you can easily see everything. The game’s sound is unique, and your device will vibrate when labor cuts the trees. You can also hear many sounds of machines and vehicles that improve your experience.

Mod Features

VIP Unlocked in Lumber Inc APK

All VIP investors are unlocked in this version. You can take money from any VIP investors and explore your business. You can also give some shares of your revenue to investors. The Share percentage depends on the money that you have received from the investor.

Unlimited Money For Free Shopping

We know you have limited resources in the free version of the game. But in the modded version of the game, you’ll get unlimited money for free shopping. You can use this money to hire new labors to grow the business. Using this money, you can buy new machines and improve your machine’s accuracy.

lumber inc mod apk unlimited money and gems

Unlimited Diamonds

You’ll get unlimited diamonds in the game. You can use these diamonds to upgrade the labor rank. You can improve your manager’s level through the diamonds. Using the diamonds, you can increase the capacity of the houses.

Lumber Inc Mod APK No Ads

We know every user wants an ads-free version of the game because ads disturb you during the game. But, in this version of the game, all the ads are blocked, and you can enjoy the game without any disturbance.

What’s new in the app?

  • Mr. Black is back in this new update.
  • After completing a full set of clothes, you’ll get a pet.
  • Colthes have been upgraded now.
  • You can design your CEO with luxury clothes.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • All the machines are unlocked.
  • You’ll get unlimited gems Lumber Inc Mod APK.
  • All the buildings are unlocked in the game.
  • You can hire any manager.
  • You can play the game offline.
  • Cons
  • No cons


I have played the game, and I realized that the game has many unique features that you have not seen in other simulation games. The game has many stunning features. You can purchase land and grow plants. When your plants are grown, you can make different products and sell them to customers. You can take orders and deliver the products according to the customer’s requirements.

Moreover, you can build different types of buildings on your land. Every building helps you to flourish your business. You can buy many machines to make the products. You can also use different transport to deliver the products. Now, download the game from our website and enjoy the unlimited features.


You can download the Lumber Inc Mod APK from our website and enjoy all the premium features without any cost.

You’ll get unlimited money and gems in the game. All the buildings and machines are unlocked.

Yes, you can play the game offline.

Yes, you can play the game on ios. Download the game from the Apple Store and enjoy the game.

Yes, you can play the game on pc. First, you download any emulator like Bluestacks and then play the game on your pc.


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