Monopoly Go Mod APK v1.14.2 Unlimited Money, Dice, Rolls

Monopoly Go Mod APK
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December 5, 2023

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May 11, 2023

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What is Monopoly Go Mod APK?

If you are frustrated with the limited money and boards available in the Monopoly Go, then you come to the right place. We have uploaded the modified version, which is Monopoly Go Mod APK having all the premium features unlocked for free. You’ll get unlimited money to purchase different properties and landmarks, and you can also upgrade them.

monopoly go mod apk latest version

Furthermore, all characters, themes, and cards will be unlocked in this modified version. You’ll also get limitless dice rolls, so you don’t have to wait until your dice end in the free version. You can unlock and play any board you want without worrying about money. You can build new buildings to increase your net worth and become the richest person in the town.

This game resembles physical board games. The developer transferred it to the digital world so that everyone can enjoy it. The game is available in 10 different languages, so you can select any according to your comfort level with that specific language. You can change the language from the game settings.

What is Monopoly Go APK?

Monopoly Go is an upgraded version of the famous board game Monopoly. This game is loved by millions of people all over the world. With the new features and enhanced graphics, this game is becoming the talk of the town. You can spend hours playing this game, and this game will not allow you to get bored. Its interesting gameplay will always entertain you.

This game is published on the Play Store by Scopely. It has all the features that an advanced board game should have. The game’s popular character Mr. Monopoly will guide you as you progress in the game. This makes this game easy yet entertaining. You can collect tokens like Racecar, Top Hat, Battleship, and more while playing, which will help you complete boards.

monopoly go mod menu

Due to its never-ending features and seamless gameplay, this is one of the best board games ever made. And this is the reason why it’s the most trending and getting love from people around the globe. Moreover, it’s funny and exciting sound effects also amaze the users.

Original vs. Mod Comparison

Few DiceInfinite Dice in Monopoly Go Mod APK
Need Money for ShoppingFree Shopping
Limited RollsMany Rolls
No MoneyInfinite Money


  • Using the infinite rolls, you can win more rewards and prizes.
  • No need to create an account on our website to download the game file.
  • Quick and easy downloading process without facing any ads.

Gameplay of Monopoly Go

The gameplay of Monopoly is simple and easy because Mr. Monopoly will guide you until you learn to play the game. When you start the game, the guide will give you a basic introduction to the game. You can login with your social ID, or you can also select to play as a guest. It totally depends on your preference and interest. 

Now, click Let’s Go to start playing. This will lead you to the first board. You’ll be assigned some money and dice rolls to complete this board. You can roll the dice and earn money, tokens, shields, and many other things. The highest money you can get if your dice roll brings you to shutdown tasks and bank robbery. These two things are very enjoyable. 

After collecting money by rolling the dice, you can go to the build section to build the buildings available there. To complete a board, you must have to construct all those buildings. After the money ends, you can come back and roll the dice again to earn money. You can multiply your earnings by 2x, 3x, 5x, or 10x based on available dice rolls. If you choose 2x and then 2 dice, rolls will be deducted, and similarly for other multipliers. 

Tips and Tricks

  • In multiplayer mode, you can perform better by coordinating with your friends. You can make a plan to maximize your profit by better coordination.
  • You can generate good revenue by making the right investment plan. You can build economical houses and sell them at good prices.
  • Chance cards play an essential part in the game. This will help you to solve your problems.
  • Improve your trade strategy to get more profits when you deal with other players.

How to play Monopoly Go Mod APK on PC?

Many users want to play the game on their computers but don’t know how it works. Now, I will explain this, and you can follow me to play the game on your system. First, you’ll need emulator software like Bluestacks because no game will work without this. After downloading, you can download this from the official site and install it on your system. When it’s installed, please open it and search the game name on the search and install it. Now, enjoy the name.

How to play the game on iOS?

If you want to play a game on pc, please below steps and enjoy the game on iOS.

  • Check App Requirements
  • Install the game from the Apple Store.
  • Open and enjoy the game.


We have played many casual games, but Monopoly Go is more entertaining than all other games. The game has a similar concept to ludo games, but the unique thing is you can build your empire in the game and travel from one place to another for your business tasks. Our personal experience with Monopoly Go Mod APK is fantastic, and we have tried all the aspects of the game.

Features of Monopoly Go

The game has many stunning features that build your interest in the game. Now, we will explain all the game features one by one.

  • New Landmarks and Boards

The game has over 100 boards and landmarks, which open one by one as you complete the previous board. Every board has its own theme and feel. Boards include major cities of the world like New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, and many more. You’re getting a chance to see these cities without physically going there. 

monopoly go mod apk unlimited rolls
  • Streamlined Gameplay

The game is very simple and straightforward. Developers make the gameplay a little short so that you don’t lose interest while playing. You can complete the game in 30 minutes or less. 

  • Visual Feel and Graphics

The visual feel and graphics of this game are excellent and enjoyable. Developers beautifully design all the boards and buildings. You can spend more money to enhance your buildings’ and landmarks’ look and feel.

  • Customization of Characters With Premium Items

This game offers plenty of customization options for your favorite characters. You can select any character from the Monopoly Universe, such as Mr. Monopoly, Pennybags, and others. You can customize the avatar of your character by going to settings.

  • Tokens and Cards

Collect different tokens like S.S. Tycoon and cards as you progress in the game. These will help in upcoming boards and tournaments. You can use them to improve your authority in the game. Moreover, different tokens and cards also indicate your net worth and credibility in the game.

  • Daily Treats

This is an interesting and free feature of the game. You’ll get daily rewards and gifts for free, which will increase your interest in playing more. All the rewards are listed in the daily treats section so that you can check what you’ll get every day. 

  • Play with Friends and Family

This game also has an online mode. You can login with Facebook, and then you can enjoy this game with your friends and family. You can challenge them, play tournaments and see the leaderboards to find your rankings amongst your fellow players. This game feature is really astonishing.

  • Enjoy Events and Tournaments

Monopoly Go Mod APK comes with different tournaments to enhance the gameplay and build users’ interest in new things. You can join limited-time chance cards, mini-games, leaderboards, and more. You’ll win prizes and rewards by competing with others.

  • Attack and Defend 

I love this feature of this Family Board Game because it adds new spice to the game. You can attack other players’ properties with heists, raids, or missiles. You can use shields, alarms, and traps to protect your own properties from attacks. Special cards can be used to increase the efficiency of attack and defence. 

Monopoly Go Mod APK Unlimited Money
  • Collectable Stickers and Albums

You can collect different story base stickers to add to your albums, and you can trade them with your friends. You can earn rewards by collecting them, and then you can trade these stickers in our FB group.

  • Free to Play The Monopoly Go

The previous popular Monopoly game was not free, and you have to purchase it from Play Store. That’s why developers released Monopoly Go, which is totally free so that everyone can enjoy this fantastic board game. 

Key Mod Features

Enjoy Monopoly Go Mod APK With Unlimited Dice or Free Dice

In this mod version, you’ll get a bundle of rolls of the dice, which will increase your chance of winning and completing the board quickly. Now, you don’t have to wait until your dice rolls end. So stop worrying and roll them with multipliers to earn more money.

Monopoly Go Mod APk Unlimited Dice or Free Dice

Use Unlimited Money To Purchase New Items

You’ll get infinite money in this modified version which you can use for different things in the game. You can use this to construct new buildings and complete your boards. It will help to upgrade your actions and will add an advantage over other players. 

Monopoly Go Mod Menu

The mod feature is one of the popular features in every mod game. It gives you an option where you can turn on different premium features for free. You can turn on limitless money, and then you’ll get never-ending cash to play the game. Similarly, You can turn on unlimited dice rolls and get infinite dice rolls.

Free Shopping and Purchase

In the free version of the game, you’ve to spend original money to buy different items like dice rolls, tokens, cards, etc. But, in this modified version, you can make free purchases of these items because your money is not going to end, and you don’t have to spend real bucks.

Get All Features Free of Cost

All the users need the latest edition of the game because some new items are added in the new version. At APKTOLY, you can download the upgraded publication of the game and you’ll experience all new specifications.

All Characters Unlocked

In every game, you have some characters as your favorites. But the frustrating part comes when you can’t play with them unless you buy them. Therefore, we have all the characters and items unlocked in this version, so you can play with whatever character you want. 

What’s new in the app?

  • You can build your tycoon in the game.
  • Many issues are solved now.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • Smooth Gameplay.
  • Free Dice to get more chances to win money.
  • This version is available for Android users.
  • All features are unlocked in Monopoly Go Mod APK.
  • Cons
  • No cons

How to Download and Install Monoploy Go Mod APK?

You can download this game by following these steps. 

  1. Click on the download button to download the Monopoly Go Mod APK.
  2. After the downloading is complete, click on the file name.
  3. Give permission to unknown sources to install the game.
  4. When the installation process is complete, you can play the game.

Our Final Overview

The final verdict is that Monopoly Go Mod APK offers enormous joy due to its stunning visual effects and attractive gameplay. It is the digital version of the famous family board game Monopoly. Different boards containing the world’s famous cities add extra spice to the game and make it more interesting. You’ve to play with a smart strategy to be the winner.

Overall, this is a fantastic game for people who are fond of playing games that include strategy, sharpness, and smartness. If you’ve got these three qualities, you can become the real estate tycoon in this game. Now, download this edition with never-ending money and freely play the game without any hassle.


How many maps does Monopoly Go Mod APK have?

The game has 100 plus boards which you explore as you progress through the game. Complete the previous board and the next board will become available to play.

When was Monopoly Go released?

The game was released worldwide on April 11, 2023.

Will I get all premium elements in this mod version?

Yes, you’ll get unlocked all premium features.

How do tournaments work in this game?

Tournaments are events in which you can play and win to earn different rewards and money. You’ll compete with other players in tournaments.

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