Real Cricket 22 MOD APK v1.2 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

Real cricket 22 mod apk

RC 22 Mod APK (Unlocked Everything, Download)

4.0 (3150)


Android 5.0+




November 13, 2023

Additional Information

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Nautilus Mobile

  • Downloads

50,000,000 +

  • Released

Aug 10, 2022

  • Size

30 MB

  • Google Play
Play store
  • Unlimited Money and Gems
  • Unlimited Coins
  • All Tournament Unlocked
  • No Ads


Real Cricket 22 Mod APK is the modded version of Real Cricket 22. In this modded version of this game, you’ll get unlimited money and unlimited gems to play the game smoothly. You can use these features to unlock various things in the game.

You can use this unlimited money to buy legendary team players in the auction section and for different purposes in the game. You’ll get unlimited contract cards to select players you want. You’ll see different formats and tournaments in the game to play. You can also polish your skills in net practice to perform well in different formats. You can also play a similar game like Cricket League Mod APK with your iconic players.

Real cricket 22 mod apk gameplay

About Real Cricket 22 Mod APK

Cricket is full of entertainment and the most exciting sport of all other sports. It is very famous in different countries, and everyone loves to play this sport. So it’s good news for all cricket lovers because we are allowing you to play your favorite sport in the Real Cricket 22 Mod APK with Unlimited Money and Gems in the game.

Real Cricket 22 is a cricket game where you’ll play cricket by creating your own team. You’ll compete with international teams from various countries. You’ll play different modes in this game, such as Quick Play, World Cup, Tournaments, Multiplayer Matches, and Test Matches.

Real cricket 22 mod apk unlimited money and gems

You’ll enjoy the realistic graphics of this game with easy controls during the gameplay. In addition, a very talented and great commentator adds extra energy to the crowd and to players with their amazing commentary in this game. If you like snooker games then you can try 8 Ball Pool Mod APK. I have played many snooker games but this game is best for you because you’ll enjoy all the real features.

Original vs. Mod Comparison

Limited MoneyUnlimited Money
Lots of advertisementNo Ads
No GemsUnlimited Gems
Limited ItemsReal Cricket 22 Mod APK Everything Unlocked
Limited MPsUnlimited MPs
Pay to purchase tickets and outfitFree Purchase and shopping
Limited Player CardsUnlimited Player Cards

How to Download and Install Real Cricked 22 Mod APK?

You can download this game by following these steps. 

  1. Click on the download button to download the Real Cricket 22 Mod APK.
  2. After the download is complete, click on the file name.
  3. Give permission to unknown sources to install the game.
  4. When the installation process is complete, you can play the game.


  • You’ll get an experience of Real Cricket.
  • The latest version of the Real Cricket 22 Mod APK.
  • No license is required to install this game.
  • You’ll get Safe and fast downloads from our site.
  • All the premium features are working properly.

Gameplay of Real Cricket 22 Hack Mod APK

First of all, you have to choose the format and mode in which you want to play. After that, you select your team for a match. There are many teams from different countries available in the game. You can choose your favorite one. But it would be best to make the right combination of batsmen and bowlers in your team.

You can change the Difficulty, Overs, Time of Day, and Pitch type from the match settings before the match starts. You can also change the fielding and catching setting from manual to auto. Still, when the match starts, you can’t change these things.

After that, the Captain of both teams comes for the toss, and the Captain who wins the toss has the right to do the ball or bat first. If you bat first, you must select two batsmen for the opening. You’ll see various options on the left and right sides of your screen to play different shots to play shots such as special shots, Font foot, and Back foot.

It would be best to hit the ball at the right time to create a perfect shot. You’ll miss the ball if you swing the bat too early or late. Play the right shot at the right time and surprise the other team. 

In the case of bowling, you have to select the position where you are going to ball short pitch, Full Length, or Yorker. After that, you’ll select the speed of your ball and choose delivery type, inswing, outswing, or straight. Top Spin, leg spin, and many more from the down-right side of your screen. Make sure you choose the right bowler for the situation to ball.

You can also change field arrangements when you want, but you can’t change the field mode during the powerplay. So make your best strategy in every aspect and enjoy the game.

Unique Features of Real Cricket 22 Mod APK

Controls of the Game

You can play this game with two control setups: joystick and swipe control. These two main controls are used in this game to play some fantastic shots with your bat for batting and bowling. You have to choose one control setup from these two.

In the swipe control, you have to swipe your bat to play a shot in different directions. In joystick control, you can play shots with a moving joystick in a specific direction. You’ll also use the joystick setup controls for bowling. You use the joystick from the down left side of your screen for where to ball and select the speed from the speed bar that appears on the right side of your screen.

Realistic Graphics

Real Cricket is made with stunning graphics to deliver the best user experience. The stadium grounds and pitches, with an amazing, energetic crowd, look so real. The Player’s characters are well designed and added special high-quality visuals to make them look real. 

If your face a lag issue in the game, your device becomes hot, and it causes more battery consumption. You can change your graphics settings according to your device from the quality section in the setting. 

No Lag Issues and Smooth Gameplay

The overall gameplay of this game is very smooth and good. But still, if you face any lag issues in this gameplay, you can change your graphics and frame rate if you face this kind of issue. Moreover, the gameplay of Carrom Pool Mod APK is also very smooth and you can check it by playing the game.

Amazing Sound Effects

The sound quality of this game is remarkable. The anthem of different teams played before starting the match amazes you, and no doubt, the commentary sounds quality at its best. The sound of the ball hitting the bat, the ball hitting the stamps, and the crowd’s cheering feel so real due to the high sound effect. Moreover, you can also adjust sound volume according to your needs from the setting of music.

Real cricket 22 mod apk multiplayer

Online Friends and Multiplayer 1 vs 1 Gameplay

The most amazing feature of the game is to play with real online and chat with them via voice and text. You can also add them to your friend list in the game to play later. The 1P vs. 1P multiplayer mode divides into two categories Ranked and Unranked.

In a ranked match, you must select players to make your best playing XI for ranked matches. You must design their outfits here, like the kit jersey logo. All these players are on contracts for a number of matches. This number is mentioned on their cards. When the contract ends, you can renew and extend it by using contract cards.

You can play Dream League Challenge, Premier League, and Pro series in a ranked multiplayer modem. In an unranked match, you’ll click on the section and select Overs to play. After that, you wait for White for the best match to play with you. 

You can also invite and challenge your friends by sharing a code or sending them an invitation link to play with you at any time. You can play as many matches as you want in unranked matches because it does not count in your progress. But while playing rank matches, you should play carefully because it affects your leaderboard progress if you lose matches continuously.

Lots of Stadium for Matches

You can enjoy the cricket matches in lots of beautiful stadium grounds available in the game. These cricket stadiums are well-designed and give us a feeling we are playing on real cricket grounds.

  1. Mumbai
  2. London
  3. Melbourne
  4. Cape Town
  5. Wellington
  6. Dubai
  7. Chennai
  8. Ahmedabad
  9. Pune
  10. Sydney
  11. Adelaide
  12. Hobart
  13. Brisbane
  14. Perth

Shot Map

Shot Map is a very important feature in the Real Cricket 22 Mod APK. You can customize various types of shots here with the help of this feature. You can select different shots for every direction in the ground. You’ll select the batsman type, such as Defensive, Brute, Radical, and Balanced. After that, you’ll choose the shot type from the given options, like Push, Stroke, and Loft, in which you want to make changes.

Then you’ll select the region for shots like front foot, back foot, and special, and then click on the save button to save the created shots. You can also preview the shots which you created by clicking on the button on the preview button. There are 90 shots you can customize for your batsman in every preset and 5 presets available for every batsman.

You can share these customized shots with your friends if they want to play shots like you from the cloud section and vice versa. Ensure you have saved the customized shot if you don’t waste your time in this process.

Challenging Tournaments

In the Real Cricket 22 Mod APK, you can play competitive and challenging tournaments with teams from different countries. You can play both International and Domestic tournaments in the game. We suggest you play other modes and practice in the net to perform well in these tournaments.

International Tournaments

  • Classic World Cup
  • Tri Series
  • World Cup 2019
  • Under World Cup
  • Ashes 2019
  • Associate
  • Asia Cup
  • Master Cup
  • Champions Cup
  • Test Championship

Domestic tournaments

  • Top Premier League
  • PPL
  • WIPL
  • Aussie 20-20
  • English 20-20
  • BSL
  • Lanka Super League

Real Commentators

It’s not wrong to say that commentary plays an important role in cricket to make it more interesting. The way in which commentators explain the whole game to their viewers makes the game more exciting and entertaining. They also help the viewers in the crowd and stadium to understand the shots played by the players.

They also share their knowledge and experiences in different situations that happen while playing. So, the main purpose of the commentators is to entertain all cricket fans. 

Therefore most famous commentators’ voices were added to this game, such as Ravi Shastri, Harsh Bhogale  Shastri and Harsha Bhogale, Akash Chopra, Lisa Sthalekar, Danny Morrison, Sanjay Manjrekar, and many more. You can select your favorite commentator from the sound section in commentary packs.

Real cricket 22 mod apk all tournament unlocked

Different Playing Formats and Modes

You can play cricket matches in different modes and formats in the Real Cricket 22 Mod APK, like Test Match and Quick.

Play, Twenty Twenty, and ODI. You can choose any format you want to play from the home and mode sections. The test match will continue for 5 days. In the ODI match, both teams have to play 50 overs. It’s also called a day match. In the T20 match, both teams have to play 20 overs each.

The last one is a Quick match where you can select overs according to your wish. It can be a 2-overs, 5-overs, or 10-over match. So, select the mode in which you want to play and enjoy real cricket.

Net Practice

Net practice is given in the game for the players to improve their game. You should practice on this net for several hours to understand how to play different shots with your bat and how to ball in the game. You can improve your batting and balling both in the net. It would be best and helpful for you to do some practice before playing any tournament and match with online players.

Offline Gameplay

You can play many online challenges and various modes in this game. But this game does not support offline gameplay. You also have to sign in to start the game, which requires an internet connection. So that’s why an Internet connection is necessary to play real cricket.

Real cricket 22 mod apk all stadiums unlocked

Mod Features

Real Cricket 22 Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems

You’ll get unlimited money and coins, which you can use as a stadium entry fee and match fee in the Real Cricket 22 Mod APK. This premium feature will help you to play unlimited cricket matches in the game. If you want to enjoy more sports games with unlimited money, please test The Spike Mod APK. You’ll enjoy all the features without any limitations.

You’ll get unlimited gems in the game, which are used to do Mega Spin to win extra rewards and unlock different shots. You can also Win Contract Cards, Players Cards, and Mps with Mega Spin.

No Ads in this Version

Now you’ll not get disturbed by the many ads in the game while playing your favorite sport. Because in the latest mod version of Real Cricket 22, all ads are blocked.

Unlimited Tickets and MPs

You’ll get unlimited Tickets and MPs in this game. You can use these unlimited tickets for the tournaments. Mps will be used in the multiplayer mode and be used as a match fee to play with your friends.

Unlocked Everything

Every cricket fan to play the real Cricket 22 with all specifications but the original version of the game provides you restricted access. So, we will provide you with the mod version of the game, and all the premium aspects are available. Now, enjoy unlocking everything in the game.

Unlimited Contract Cards for Players

Now you’ll not get disturbed by the many ads in the game while playing your favorite sport. Because in the latest mod version of Real Cricket 22, all ads are blocked.

Real Cricket 22 Mod APK All Tournaments Unlocked

You’ll get all the tournaments unlocked in this modified version. So you can play your favorite tournament in the game without any difficulty.

What’s new in the app?

  • New game modes are available.
  • Manual catching and fielding options have been added to the game.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • Multiplayer mode to play with real online players.
  •  Unique player faces and jerseys.
  • Manual Fielding and catching.
  • Dynamic stadiums.
  • Free premium features.
  • Cons
  • Required Internet Connection to play this game.

App Requirements

  • A Quad Core processor will be required.
  • 1050 MB of free storage on your device.
  •  At least 2GB RAM to play this game smoothly.
  • The required OS should be 5.0 and up.


Real Cricket 22 Mod APK is very famous, with millions of downloads from around the globe. You can also get the original version of this game from the Play Store if you want to download it. You’ll enjoy this game with 600+ new batting shots. You can play quests, missions, and challenges to earn more rewards.

Different playing modes to kill your boredom and stunning animations used in the graphics of this game surprise you. Many beautiful stadium grounds to play tournaments, tests, quick matches, and live commentary in the matches are waiting for you. So download the latest version of the Real Cricket 22 Mod APK and enjoy the game.


Yes, you’ll get unlimited money and gems in this modded version.

You’ll get all the premium features in this game unlimited money and gems, unlimited player and kit cards, and unlimited tickets.

No, you can’t play real cricket 22 offline because an internet connection is required to sign in and play different modes in this game. 

Yes, you can play the Real Cricket 22 Mod Apk on ios. Download the game file from Apple Store and enjoy the game.

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